Ghosts of sound

(143:  Courtyard entrance.)

It is a silent, shady place, with a paved courtyard so full of echoes, that sometimes I am tempted to believe that faint responses to the noises of old times linger there yet, and that these ghosts of sound haunt my footsteps as I pace it up and down.

~ Charles Dickens, from Master Humphrey’s Clock

The haunted theme and I will be parting ways after this post.  It was an interesting challenge and if I had the time, I’d try to stretch it out until the end of the month.  I’m getting back into the swing of life and the next few days will be busy for me.  It’s much, much easier to post a daily photo that doesn’t meet theme or meme requirements.  Less time consuming as well.

I’m heading to Chicago on Thursday.  M and I used to live in the Chicago area when he was in grad school.  I’m looking forward to a week of wandering around the city, exploring the museums and seeing what’s new since my last visit there (more than a few years ago).

And who knows?  Perhaps I’ll come up with something haunted to post.