A walk

(This morning’s view of the pond.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

If you’re looking for today’s haunted post, go down one.  I’m posting twice today because I took a walk, it’s beautiful here in the Bogs, and I want to share some of the walk with you.

(Looking up the road I live on.)

(The neighbor’s old barn.)

(A nearby field.)

Last year I posted about the wooly bear over at Bountiful Healing.  You can find the post here if you’d like to read it and see what last year’s wooly bear looked like.  The gist of it (in case you don’t want to read it) is that the wooly bear is known as a weather prognosticator, the size of the middle band being the indicator of whether we’ll have a mild or severely cold winter.  The wider the band, the milder the winter.

I’ve seen two wooly bears in the past two days.  This wooly bear thinks it will be a cold winter:

This wooly bear seems to disagree:

Last year’s wooly bear was about as accurate as most weather forecasters.  That is, sometimes right, sometimes wrong.  We had some mild spots and we had some really cold spots, and it seemed like a typical Bogs winter to me.

14 Comments on “A walk”

  1. English Nutter says:

    I love this wooly bear folklore! What a cool caterpillar. 🙂
    You live on a very straight road. Maybe the Romans DID find America??

    • Robin says:

      LOL, English Nutter! Maybe they did. Most of the roads around here wind around a bit, more like cow paths. But the straight ones do tend to be very long and very straight.

      It’s probably the lack of hills.

  2. alittlediddy says:

    I believe in the wooly bear. You seem to be ahead of us as far as Autumn goes. I’m missing peak season at my folks in western PA. Ors will happen at the end of the month, even though we’re not many miles apart. D

  3. If that is a bear, I don’t want to meet one of your caterpillars! Scary

  4. Anna Surface says:

    Beautiful photos! I really like the skies, and I especially like the barn and road photos. I haven’t seen a wooly bear up close yet. I had seen a few crossing the busy road. I’ll keep an eye out for one to look at how wide the band is. 🙂

  5. jenna says:

    I love those woolies. Did you pick them up? I would’ve wanted to.

  6. anhinga says:

    The barn picture is especially picturesque. LOve it!

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