The bridge

(140:  The bridge. Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Last weekend M and I went for a short hike along the part of the Buckeye Trail that is near where we live.  The trail looked as though it hasn’t been used for a while, overgrown in some sections and trees down in others.

There is a bridge on the main trail that crosses a small creek.  It is not, as far as I know, a haunted bridge but it is, to me, a scary bridge.

In the years that we’ve been hiking this trail, the bridge has been slowly deteriorating.  Not that it was in great shape the first time we crossed it, but at least the railings were still standing and the wooden slats felt as if they could hold some weight.  Now when we cross it I hold my breath and go across very quickly, hoping that none of the slats crack and/or break.

It wouldn’t be a long fall and the creek doesn’t look that deep.  Still, it presents an opportunity for injury.  I wonder how the guy who mows the trail (when it gets mowed) feels about driving over the bridge.  We might find the mower parked in the creek one day.

In other news…

Yesterday was another gray and blustery day here in the Bogs.  Perfect sick weather.  I hung out in my PJ’s all day, doing mostly nothing.

Today M and I had a breakfast date at Wild Goats Cafe in Kent.  The Wild Goats Cafe is where I had my very first chai latte, more than a few years ago.  I don’t order them much anymore because they are loaded with calories, but had to have one at Wild Goats.  Best.  Chai tea.  Ever.  The whipped cream on top probably contributed to my feelings on this matter.

Breakfast was excellent.  If you ever happen to be in Kent, I hightly recommend the Wild Goats Cafe.  I hear the coffee is good.  I can’t vouch for that as I’ve never acquired a taste or liking for coffee and think all coffee is foul and noxious tasting (I love the smell of it, though!).

Kent is one of the lamest college towns I’ve ever been in.  It’s not very pedestrian friendly (rumor has it they are working on that) and the downtown area is mostly dead most of the time (with the exception of the traffic passing through and getting tied up at the lights).  Usually towns associated with a university are fairly vibrant and busy, but that hasn’t been the case with Kent during the time we’ve lived in this area.  We’ve heard a lot about revitalization and development, but seen little of that actually happening.  (Disclaimer:  This is, of course, all strictly my opinion.  Your mileage/opinion may vary.)

And on that note, I’m heading outside for a while.  It’s a beautiful day and the fresh air will do me good.

(Today’s view of the pond.)

7 Comments on “The bridge”

  1. Bo Mackison says:

    Sounds like a lovely time, minus the sick part. Glad you’re feeling better.

    I am surprised about Kent. Living in a big university town myself, I can tell a difference between the vibrancy and full activity schedule during the school year and the more laid back summer months. I always love my summers lazy (and long) but I’m always glad to get the young blood back into the city.

    As for that bridge, I don’t suppose there is a walk around, hmm? I’m not so great with bridges myself, especially small, rickity ones.

    • Robin says:

      Bo: Kent surprises me, too. All the time. Most of the businesses haven’t done well (except for bars and I think even a few of those have closed over time).

      Traffic picks up when the students are around, making it harder to get around Kent, but that’s about it (except for the bars on Thursdays — which is the big bar night — and sometimes on the weekends).

      No walk around for the bridge except to go down to the creek and take a good leap across.

  2. kel says:

    mmmm, the wildgoats cafe sounds delish
    and that bridge looks like one wild goats might cross
    on their way to get their coffee 🙂

  3. Meredith says:

    So Wild Goats is actually a real place then… Marty and I have been having that debate for a very long time. Is it bad that I believe you in this case but not him?

    Anyway, I love chai tea too! It really is sad that it’s so bad for you, but it sounds like it was the perfect weather to indulge!

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