September reflections

(130:  September reflections on the pond.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I can’t believe September is almost over.  Where does the time go??  It just keeps speeding on by, faster than I can keep up with lately.

M and I had a quiet day yesterday.  A day of rest.  It was nice.  Refreshing and rejuvenating as well.  I feel ready for the week now.  Perhaps one day of rest each week is not a bad idea.

The weather here in the Bogs is taking a turn towards autumn.  After a week or so of warm, humid, almost tropical weather, a cold front is blustering its way through.  Through the night we had lightning, thunder, heavy rains, and gusty winds.  We’re under a wind advisory until tomorrow morning, with sustained winds of up to 45 mph.  Now that’s breezy!

(This morning’s view of the pond.)