Fish tacos

(128:  A view of the pond through the goldenrod.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

The sun made a brief appearance here in the Bogs yesterday.  Then the clouds moved back in.  It’s been raining today.  We need the rain.  I can almost hear the earth sighing with relief.

We’re having friends over this afternoon for a fish taco feast.  I made some salsa and chopped up the veggies and stuff for the fish tacos.  One of our friends is bringing the fish, which she will season, the corn tortillas, and a bean salad.  We’ll be grilling the fish.

I will also be making margaritas, per a request.

It should be fun.  We were originally supposed to have this get-together a few weeks back but I cancelled due to not being in the mood.  Then everything happened with Mom (so fast!), and well, I’m not sure I would have rescheduled at all except I came to the conclusion that I need to be around friends right now.  Otherwise I tend to isolate myself and that wouldn’t be good.

So, I’m looking forward to fish tacos, margaritas, and spending time with friends.

I hope you’re having a fun Saturday too.