Flowers and bugs

(114:  The Black-Eyed Susan & the Ladybug.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

It’s the unofficial last weekend of summer.  The equinox is still a few weeks off but for most people, this pretty much marks the end of summer.  The mornings have been very dewy around here lately.  Although it’s not quite autumn yet, the autumn fog/mist has been settling around the low-lying areas in the evenings and throughout the night.  I’m going to get up early tomorrow to have a look at the dew in the early morning sunlight.  M, who took a walk this morning, said I should take my camera along.

Anyone out there have any interesting plans for this labor day weekend?  M will likely be going into work each day for a little while as he has some deadlines coming up later in the month.  We’re hoping to go out to Blossom one last time, probably Sunday evening.  And maybe we’ll get together with friends.  In between that, I’ll be working on those tomatoes and peppers I brought home yesterday and (hopefully) taking care of the garden which has been sadly neglected for several weeks.  It’s difficult to find anything in there that isn’t a weed.

I’m still dealing with a lot of back and hip pain, but I’ve found the best thing for it is to keep moving.  To add to the misery, M and I both have sore throats and are on the cusp of developing full-blown colds.  Hopefully we’ll manage to shake that off.  Some homemade chicken vegetable soup ought to do the trick.