Farm equipment

(108:  Driving the tractor.  Portage County Fair.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

We had a lovely visit with our granddaughter and their parents this weekend.  Things were a little up in the air (almost literally) on Friday night.  M had to make a quick trip to Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday.  Storms moved in on Friday afternoon, both here and in Philly, delaying his flight about 3 hours.  Not so bad in the grand scheme of things, but I worried about him arriving here before the next line of storms.  His plane landed just a few minutes before the storms.

We went to the Portage County Randolph Fair yesterday.  It’s become something of a tradition for us.  The Exquisite Emma seems to enjoy it, especially looking at (and in some cases, petting) the animals.  Neither M nor I entered anything this year.  I had given some thought to entering a photo but couldn’t find one that suited me, and there was so much going on this summer that I didn’t really take the time to look.

I think things should settle down for a little while for us.  I want to take a trip east to visit with my parents but I’m not sure when I’ll do that.  Sometime in the next month, I hope.

It’s chilly here in the Bogs.  It’s windy and cloudy, with a distinct, almost sharp, autumnal feel to it.  I almost expect to see the leaves changing color whenever I look out the window.  It feels like endings lately…