Last day

(Interesting skies.)

It’s our last day in Estes Park.  We’ll take one more short hike tomorrow morning before we head back to Boulder to spend the night with M the Younger and Mere.  Early Tuesday morning we head home.

The past two days have been full and have included some long hikes with lots of elevation changes.  Believe it or not, I actually find going up easier than coming down but that’s due to having acquired my own injury on this trip, one that involves my hip and leg.  I’ve kept moving up until today.  Other than two short hikes (with a total mileage of about 2 miles or so), I’ve been resting.  We started with an early morning hike with the newlyweds, who left us shortly after the hike to return to their home.  M and I set up picnic camp at Endovalley picnic grounds in the Rocky Mountain National Park and hung out there for a while, having lunch and then taking a short hike to try to find a waterfall that M had read about.  We didn’t find the one we set out to find but did find another.

(On the Gem Lake Trail.  From this morning.)

I’ll be kind of sad to leave this area.  It’s incredibly beautiful and I have no problem visualizing myself living here for the rest of my life.  I’d certainly end up in great shape if we lived here.

The weather has been wonderful.  Today was the first day we had any rain or storms.  I took the above “Interesting Skies” photo a couple hours ago.  We sat in the Moraine Park area of RMNP and watched as the storms rolled in.  We saw a few bolts of lightning and heard plenty of thunder rumbling behind the mountains.

As soon as I finish messing about here on the computer we’re going out for drinks and dinner.  Then I guess we’ll come back and start packing.  If I have time, I’ll come back and update with a few more photos.

A pair of flowers

(101:  Flowers in early August.)