The trail that never ends…

If you’re familiar with “The Song That Never Ends” start singing it now.  Replace “song” with “trail” and you’ll have the song we were singing for a portion of the hike we took today.  If you’re not familiar with it, I’m betting you can find it at YouTube but be warned — it’s an earworm.  Once you have it in your head, it will stay there for a long time.

M the Younger and Mere joined us this morning for a weekend in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was fun having them along for our first long hike.  Long for us, that is.  It was somewhere between 6.3 and 6.5 miles, ascending 750 feet from the trailhead (Bear Lake) where we began our hike and descending about 1,000 feet since we were smart and used the park shuttle to get from our car to the trailhead and from the end of our hike back to our car.

(Bear Lake.)

Bear Lake was fairly crowded, as expected.  Nonetheless, it’s a short walk from the trailhead and worth taking some time to look around.  It’s a beautiful area, even with the crowd (to which we added four so it wouldn’t be right for me to complain about it).

From Bear Lake we hiked up to Nymph Lake.  There were still a goodly number of people around but not as many as at Bear Lake.  The further you go up, the fewer the people.

(Our first view of Nymph Lake.)

Nymph Lake was a nice little resting spot where we could watch the ducklings swimming around between the water lilies.  Back on the trail we ascended to Dream Lake, aptly named.  Getting to Dream Lake involved some work and some lovely views.

(Heading up to Dream Lake.)

(Another view on our way to Dream Lake.)

Take note of the treeline.  You’ll notice a change later on (if I get that far in this post).  As some of you may already know, I’m afraid of heights.  This was not as high as we would go.

We saw lots of beauty along the way.  There is so much beauty here that I’m finding it impossible to describe it.  It’s the kind of beauty that sinks in and lasts forever.

And on that note, we’re going back to the park to watch the night sky.  It’s a clear, warm night and I doubt we’ll have many more opportunities to go stargazing.  We’re all worn out but all willing to go, so go it is.  I may have to finish this leg of the journey when we return home as tomorrow we’ll be setting off on a new adventure.

(Our first view of Dream Lake.)

Pardon any typos, etc., as I don’t have time to preview and edit.

One Comment on “The trail that never ends…”

  1. Corina says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

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