Boulder Creek

(Boulder Creek Path along Canyon Road)

Today was all about The Bike.  We waited until after rush hour to set out on the Boulder Creek Path.  The bike paths can be pretty congested from about 8:00 to 9:00am, and some of the cyclists speed along at a pretty good clip.

(Boulder Creek)

The Boulder Creek Path follows Middle Boulder Creek.  From the Boulder Creek Path you can access several of the city parks, the public library (which is gorgeous inside), fishing ponds, Colorado University, a sculpture park, and cottonwood groves.  We followed the path from our hotel up to the point on Canyon Road where the paved portion ends.  I think the round trip was about 7-8 miles.  Just before the pavement ended we locked up the  bike and hiked for a little while, just to the point where we could sit down by the creek, relax for a bit, and enjoy the scenery.  The water in the creek is cold and just sitting on a rock near the creek was cooling.

(Goat Rock)

After a little rest we headed back the way we came, stopping at a butterfly garden (no butterflies but plenty of bees), the sculpture garden, and at various scenic points along the creek.

(In the sculpture garden.)

We had lunch at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery.  One of the things I like about Boulder is that we can walk into a restaurant at lunchtime all rough looking from our hiking and biking experiences and the waitress asks where we were hiking and/or biking, how was it, and did we have a good time.  All the wait staff we encountered in the Mountain Sun were friendly and good at their jobs in a chill sort of way.  Nice.

The Mountain Sun has a really nice IPA (Illusion Dweller IPA) on nitro.  Delicious, crisp, and hoppy.  A beautiful beer.  Their food is wonderful too.  I had a veggie burrito smothered in their green chili.  Yummy!

When we went into the restaurant, the weather was quite nice.  When we came out:

We wandered around, ducking into some shops here and there, thinking the dark clouds would move out.  Eventually we decided to get back on the bike and continue on with our day, hoping the skies wouldn’t open up and drench us or lightning come down and fry us.  (For those inquiring minds that want to know, we made it back to our hotel without getting drenched or electrocuted.)

Our next stop was the Boulder Bikesmith where we rented The Bike.  I was a little sad to give it up.  M and I have had a great time pedaling around Boulder together.  It didn’t take us long to work out how to bike in tandem.  But it was time to give it up as we’ll be moving on tomorrow, heading further into the Rocky Mountains for a week of more hiking fun.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing our laundry, going for a swim, and getting a head start on our packing.  We’ll be leaving Boulder early tomorrow.

We had a lovely dinner tonight with M the Younger and Mere at the Red Lion Restaurant.  The food was fantastic.  They specialize in wild game.  We sampled some wild boar sausage, wild boar ham, duck pate, smoked duck, buffalo salami, bison, and I can’t remember what all else as we were sharing left and right.  M was going to order the rattlesnake cake (similar to a crab cake using rattlesnake instead of crab) but decided on sharing the sampler with M the Younger after Mere and I ordered the fixed price meal which included appetizers, salad, an entree, and dessert.

And that, folks, pretty much wraps up the Boulder portion of our trip.  We’re planning to get up before sunrise tomorrow and drive out to one of the nearby mesas to watch the sun come up.  Rumor has it that it’s worth the effort to see the sun rising from the eastern plains.  We’ll have breakfast at Dot’s Diner.  We had breakfast there once this past week and it was delicious.

I don’t know if we’ll have internet access where we’re staying for the next week.  If so, I’ll be back when I can.  If not, the blog will continue to post my scheduled posts and I’ll see ya’all again when I get home.

5 Comments on “Boulder Creek”

  1. krebiz says:

    you’re gone for another week???? i didn’t know your vacation was that long. this is crap. who’m i gonna talk to? who’s gonna listen to my rants? who’s going to be my surrogate big sister??!?! did you consider any of that before you took off?!


    Enjoy the Rockies. I’m sure you’ll fall in love all over again. Nice people, gorgeous landscape, plenty of things to do, and great weather. Sometimes I think of moving to the mountains.

    • Robin says:

      I’m not off the grid, Biz. Go ahead and rant. I’ll listen. I’ll still be your surrogate big sister.

      And you’re right. I have fallen in love all over again. It’s so beautiful here. I want to move to the mountains.

  2. Anna Surface says:

    Gee that sounded like a lot of fun! Wow! Oh how I would love to bike ride like that! Wild boar sausage???? Whoa! I really like the Goat Rock photo. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the “review” of the path – we’re going to Boulder and want to spend some time on the path and trying to figure out where we want to go, so your thoughts on your experience are very helpful.

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