Golden Gate Canyon State Park

It’s been a long day.  A wonderful day, but long.

We left early this morning to go to Golden Gate Canyon State Park (about 40 minutes or so from Boulder).  What an amazingly beautiful place!  I loved it.  M the Younger and Mere picked us up at the hotel so we could spend the day together.

The weather, when we got to the visitor’s center, looked like this:

By the time we were a little way into our hike, it looked like this:

At some point during the first part of the hike, after feeling more than a few raindrops, M and I put on our rain ponchos and that pretty much took care of the rain because shortly after we put them on, it began to look more like this:

(At the quarry)

It had obviously rained (and stormed — we heard thunder) somewhere, but we were lucky and it went around us.

We hiked about 4 miles.  We started out on the  Mountain Lion Trail and got on the Burro Trail at some point and then I’m not sure which trail we were on from there.  We got off the Mountain Lion Trail briefly to hike a half mile uphill to a quarry where we took a break and had a snack.  I think the highest elevation we hit was about 7800 feet.

The colors were amazing.  Wildflowers were blooming all over the place.

I’m not sure any of my photos captured the colors or the flowers well.  I’ll have a better idea when we get home and I can look at them on my computer.

We had a picnic lunch at Panorama Point where there are views of the Continental Divide.

I’m not sure where the Continental Divide is in any of the photos I took but the photo above gives you some idea of what the views are like.

This cutey tried to join our picnic:

I suspect he or she has been fed a few times because it was one aggressive chipmunk.

After lunch we went to Golden:

We walked around a bit, listened to some music (there were stages set up along Washington Street (the street in the photo above), looked around in one of the shops, and had some ice cream.  Then it was off to Heritage Square where they have an alpine slide.

You ride a chairlift up to the top of the mountain and ride down a 1/2 mile track on a plastic sled.  I chickened out and didn’t go, but staying below did allow me to get some nice photos of M the Elder, M the Younger, and Mere.  (Don’t tell them but… if we go again, I’m gonna do it.  There has been some talk about going again.  It might happen.)

We finished the day back at M the Younger and Mere’s place where we had dinner and picked up The Bike (which we left there last night as it was dark by the time we finished canning the peaches and we don’t have a light on the bike).  We pedaled back to the hotel, went for a swim and a soak in the hot tub/whirlpool, and now I’m ready to call it a day and hit the sack.

Summer storms

07.27.09 039

(093:  Summer storm approaching. Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Rainbows apologize for angry skies.

~ Sylvia Voirol

(Summer rainbow.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)