Grilled cheese and a concert

(087:  Grilled cheese and goldfish.)

M and I went to Akron last night for another of the Lock 3 concerts.  Last night Marcia Ball played at Lock 3.  She rocked.  The turnout, however, did not.  I was surprised at the poor showing.  I imagine that is due to lack of good advertising.  Even Marcia Ball commented that this might be a record breaker for the least attended concert of hers in two years.

It was a nice evening.  We started by meeting a friend at our favorite bar where we had a couple of beers and then walked over to the Lockview Restaurant & Bar where we partook of scrumptious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

And, for M and I, some homemade tomato soup.

As tempting as it was, we did not have dessert:

After dinner our friend left us (she had to be up early this morning) and we walked over to Lock 3 where Ruthie Foster opened for Marcia Ball.  The music was excellent.  M and I even did some dancing (kind of a rare occurrance for us but I’m hoping it’s something that will happen more frequently).

Good company, good beer, good food, and good music.  What more could ya ask for?


12 Comments on “Grilled cheese and a concert”

  1. Brian says:

    Those sandwiches look great!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    I read the grilled cheese sandwich menu to my family and we’ve added a few of them to our fall menu. Yummy sounding, all of them. So which sandwich did you have, gorgeous stuff, that grilled cheese.

    As for dessert, do they really mean “Pop Tart” pop tarts? Surely not? I need to know! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I had the #3, Bo. I wanted something spicy that night.

      And yes, the really mean Pop Tarts. Weird, but true. Akron is a college town so my guess is that they are catering to that crowd.

  3. Yummy sandwich, and the suggestions for combining grilled cheese sounds TOOOOO good! Thanks for posting the suggestions.

  4. kel says:

    gourmet grilled cheese sangas
    some interesting combos there

    seeing the menu reminds me of how cheap it is to eat out in America
    when I visited last year I suddenly understood why all the US sitcoms show people eating out at breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s affordable at those prices

    here, we’re lucky to get a coffee for less than $4 (and that’s just a plain cappucinno or latte, not a fancy starbucks or gloria jeans beverage)

  5. Anna Surface says:

    I haven’t had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches before. The one in the photo above looks scrumptious and so does the sandwich menu… not the menu itself… the details of the sandwiches…LOL I’d like to try # 7. The tomato soup also looks delicious especially with those goldfish crackers. Sounds like you had a very nice evening. Enjoyed this post! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Anna.

      Our friend had #7. It looked yummy. As for the goldfish, I put so many in my soup that I filled up on that and couldn’t eat more than half of my sandwich. lol! Tomato soup with crackers is an old childhood comfort food for me.

  6. Corina says:

    Sounds like a perfect evening.

  7. Norm says:

    What more could you ask for?? I always asked for another beer (rimshot!!)

    Sounds like a great time. Those sandwich combos are very interesting.

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