A time out

As pretty as the balloons are, my eyes were becoming a little tired of looking at them so I grabbed my camera and took a walk around the pond to see, and perhaps capture, what’s going on out there.

The day lilies are pretty much finished although there are a few stragglers who are still maintaining their shape and petals.  The sunflowers and zinnias are just beginning to bud and in a few cases, flower.  We started them a little late this year so they’re lagging behind the sunflowers and zinnias in most of this area.  The goldenrod is just beginning to open up its tiny yellow flowers.  Queen Anne’s Lace has taken over large areas of the meadows (and parts of my vegetable garden).

A few weeks ago I was hanging laundry out to dry on the line when I noticed that some of the birds had already begun flocking together.  Flashing briefly through my mind was the thought, “I wonder if they think winter is coming early this year?”  This week we’ve had great gatherings of crows.  I haven’t been able to see them because they are holding their conference back in the woods, but the sound of their cawing drifts over the water and into the house.  The pond is a great conductor of sound.

It’s been a cool summer here in the Bogs.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I enjoy cool weather.  It’s been the kind of cool that reminds me of what local people told us when we moved here:  You won’t need air conditioning.  That turned out to be untrue as we experienced summers when there were record highs beginning in May and carrying over into those hot and humid days of July and August.  There hasn’t been much of that this summer, just the occasional hot day here and there.  Rumor has it that heat and humidity will be moving in from the south to warm up our weekend.  Perhaps it will be warm enough to go for a swim.

It’s quiet here in the Bogs this morning.  As I recently tweeted, not a rooster crowing, a cow mooing, or a horse neighing.  Even the birds have silenced their songs and chatter (something that lasted no longer than it took for me to type that out).

I enjoy these short quiet spaces in life.  They don’t last long, but long enough to close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and soak in some peace before the sounds of life kick in again.

(085:  Flowers in the cattails.)