(074:  Spinning in circles.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Have you ever been bitten by a deer fly?

They are nasty little creatures.  The female deer fly feeds on blood.  She lands on a spot that you can’t reach, makes a painful little incision, and then laps up your blood.

The deer fly bite, for me, is much worse than a mosquito bite.  I get giant, painful, itchy welts and hives from them.  Therefore, I do not like the deer fly, and although I try to have compassion for all living things, when I saw the deer fly which appears in the center of  the above photo lying on its back and spinning like crazy to upright itself, I decided to let nature take its course.  If the fly figured it out, it would live.  If not, it would die.

I don’t know if the fly managed to upright itself and  live or if it died.  I left it spinning in circles.

17 Comments on “Spinning”

  1. Anna Surface says:

    Well, biting flies are biting flies. I’ve been bitten by horse flies and black flies. Mean little buggers. Nature does take its course, and of course, my nature is to decide for a biting fly to die if it lands on me. Eww… deer flies… I didn’t know they sucked your blood. Yuck… there are vampire bugs out there! Speaking of blood sucking bugs, do you have a problem with ticks around your pond? That is an excellent capture! Love the ripples and reflections.

    • Robin says:

      Anna: lol! It’s in my nature to swat them, too.

      I haven’t seen many ticks since we moved here. I’m sure they must be out there, but we haven’t had a problem with them.

  2. krebiz says:

    I’m like you in trying to coexist peacefully with most things, including bugs, but like Anna, “my nature” (that phrase cracked me up) is to let a biting bug die if it’s biting me. Besides, it’s instinct to slap at it. I am no zen master.

  3. I imagine some very hungry fish took care of this situation. Nice shot and excellent write-up.

  4. Dnay says:

    I love your pictures.

  5. Marcie says:

    Simply perfect!!!

  6. We no longer have deer flies around where we live though there are some deers in the countryside and I don’t know how they are able to cope with the pain of these bites and stings. We do have horse flies and those things really give a nasty bite.
    Abraham Lincoln

    • Robin says:

      Hi & welcome, Abraham Lincoln. 🙂

      Horse flies are nearly as bad as deer flies. In fact, I’m not sure which is worse. I often wondered about the animals, too, and how they cope with the pain of the bites.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. anhinga says:

    What an absolutely cool picture the deer fly made for you. Now aren’t you sorry you said all those bad things? 🙂

  8. Corina says:

    What an awesome picture! I can almost feel a slight breeze as I sit watching the ripples.

  9. Norm says:


  10. Robin says:

    Thanks, Norm & Corina. 🙂

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