Tonight’s sunset

07.27.09 055

(V in Sunset.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)


(074:  Spinning in circles.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Have you ever been bitten by a deer fly?

They are nasty little creatures.  The female deer fly feeds on blood.  She lands on a spot that you can’t reach, makes a painful little incision, and then laps up your blood.

The deer fly bite, for me, is much worse than a mosquito bite.  I get giant, painful, itchy welts and hives from them.  Therefore, I do not like the deer fly, and although I try to have compassion for all living things, when I saw the deer fly which appears in the center of  the above photo lying on its back and spinning like crazy to upright itself, I decided to let nature take its course.  If the fly figured it out, it would live.  If not, it would die.

I don’t know if the fly managed to upright itself and  live or if it died.  I left it spinning in circles.