Still Dancing

(071:  Still dancing.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

One of the good things that come of a true marriage is, that there is one face on which changes come without your seeing them; or rather there is one face which you can still see the same, through all the shadows which years have gathered upon it.

~ George MacDonald

I keep meaning to sit down and write something up about the wedding reception, but the further away from it I get, the less motivated I feel to write about it.

Today’s photo was taken at the reception.  It’s my father and mother, dancing.  I think Dad might have been a little hesitant to ask Mom to dance, not sure if she was up to it.  I’m glad he did as I think they both enjoyed it.  My parents are excellent dancers, in my opinion.  I’ve always loved watching them dance.  And while Mom wasn’t up to being twirled around on the dance floor, at least she was able to do the hug-and-sway.

(The Flower Girl, dancing at the reception.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

The wedding reception was tons of fun.  Meredith had a French theme and it started with drinks and appetizers, and ended with this amazing cake:

(Croquembouche.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

You can read a little about the croquembouche here.   Traditionally the cake is served by having the groom (sometimes both the bride and groom) hit it hard with a sword, the bridesmaids catching the pieces with a tablecloth.  In this case, the decision was made not to hand M the Younger a sword.  Probably a wise decision.  😉

I’m not going to go into great detail since it’s so far from the fact now.  I’ll just say that it was everything a reception should be:  A celebration of the newly married couple and the joining of their families and friends to honor and celebrate them.

10 Comments on “Still Dancing”

  1. krebiz says:

    Great photo, very sweet. Your mom’s hair looks really, really nice too.

    That cake is insane!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    Nice dance photo, a rather precious one to have.

    And that cake, looks like if someone bumped the table it would tip over. What an engineering feat, and it looks scrumptiously, sinfully delicious.

  3. Debbie says:

    I always loved watching your mom & dad dance and especially loved when I would get the chance to have your dad spin me around on the dance floor too!

  4. Marcie says:

    Looks like fun. Love the softness of the image of the couple dancing.

  5. Anna Surface says:

    How wonderful your mom and dad got to dance–a precious photo. That is a great photo of the little flower girl… her dress is so satiny. What an amazing cake! I can’t imagine hitting it with a sword! LOL

    • Robin says:

      Anna: Thank you. 🙂

      I think it would be fun to see someone hit one of those cakes with a sword and watch all the cream puffs go flying.

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