New shoes and a Camelbak

(069:  My feet hanging out by the pond.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I’ve been doing my part to help stimulate the economy lately.  I bought another pair of new shoes, this time for wearing in the boat.  My old boat shoes were looking pretty gross after accidentally stepping into the pond (instead of the boat) a few times.

I was thinking this photo (above) might be my new avatar.  Those striped socks are getting a little old.  A change in footwear occasionally might be a good thing.

My new hydration/day pack arrived yesterday.  I ordered a Camelbak Day-Star.  After looking at a lot of different hydration packs and reviews of them I finally decided on the Camelbak Day-Star because 1) it got excellent reviews, and 2) one of those glowing reviews involved a short woman who raved about how wonderfully it fit.  I’m not extremely short but short enough that sometimes backpacks just don’t fit comfortably.

I wore the Day-Star around the house for a little while and it fits wonderfully well.  I’m impressed.  Now I have to fill up the bladder and throw a few things into the storage pockets to see how I do carrying around 2 liters of water and supplies for a day hike.  I’ve been working on getting in good shape for our trip to Colorado and that includes being able to carry my own stuff.

(Sunday’s sunset.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

That’s about it from the Bogs for now.  I’m off to turn a big bag of fresh basil into a batch of pesto, make a salad with a bunch of lettuces and other veggies, and then work on a zucchini-tomato gratin that I got a recipe for over the weekend (from Vegetarian Times).

We’ll be eating well.  🙂