Sunday signage

(066:  At the Randolph farmers market.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

It’s been a most enjoyable weekend.  Friends from Arizona/Pennsylvania (they are split between the two states right now) were here for a visit.  We took a trip to the various farmers markets in the area yesterday, but mostly we hung out on the porch or in the boats or in the kitchen.  We brought home a lot of lovely vegetables and fruit from our farmers market junket and it was nice to have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen to help me deal with some of this plentifulness.

(067:  Bounty from the farmers market.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I didn’t have time to post yesterday.  I was too busy having a good time with friends, living my life and all that.  Hence the extra photo today.  It’s best I keep as caught up as possible with this project because I operate better that way.

This one is just for fun:

(The posterized version of Bounty from the farmers market. © 2009 by Robin)

And here is today’s view of the pond from out on the pond:

(Photo © 2009 by Robin)

13 Comments on “Sunday signage”

  1. Hah – Steer Buxx! Very funny and creative.

  2. amuirin says:

    Yeah, I love that first one. You made it look like an old-time photograph. I’m almost jealous of your farmer’s market jaunts, I really wanted to go to our local one yesterday but we just didn’t get it together in time.

    I was so impressed with the jewel-like colors of the first veggie photo, but it looks even cooler in the cartoon-mode.

  3. kel says:

    love the posterized version of veggies

  4. Beth says:

    I love what you did to the veggie picture! Here in AZ, there’s this new fantastic farmers market (in Glendale, Twilight Farmers Market) and they do a blog post and have great close-up shots of fruits and veggies. I would love to see what you would do with those photos!

  5. krebiz says:

    Oh, is Beth the AZ person that was in your kitchenz, eatin’ your cheezburgerz this weekend? Bet she was a better guest than I’m gonna be.

    If I’m gonna be a guest. I figure maybe by the *day before* I said I could be there, C will tell me if we’re actually gonna be there. I’m apparently on a need to know basis or something.

  6. Robin says:

    No, she’s not our visitor from AZ. Just someone nice who stopped by the blog.

    I guess the day before will have to be good enough, Biz. Now that you’ve convinced me I should join you in FlyBitchery, the house should be ready anytime you stop by. (I’m not sure I truly believe that. Just saying.)

  7. Bo says:

    Lovely, those market veggies. S much yummier, and prettier too, fresh from the market. Awesome effect with PS too.

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