Sunday signage

(066:  At the Randolph farmers market.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

It’s been a most enjoyable weekend.  Friends from Arizona/Pennsylvania (they are split between the two states right now) were here for a visit.  We took a trip to the various farmers markets in the area yesterday, but mostly we hung out on the porch or in the boats or in the kitchen.  We brought home a lot of lovely vegetables and fruit from our farmers market junket and it was nice to have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen to help me deal with some of this plentifulness.

(067:  Bounty from the farmers market.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I didn’t have time to post yesterday.  I was too busy having a good time with friends, living my life and all that.  Hence the extra photo today.  It’s best I keep as caught up as possible with this project because I operate better that way.

This one is just for fun:

(The posterized version of Bounty from the farmers market. © 2009 by Robin)

And here is today’s view of the pond from out on the pond:

(Photo © 2009 by Robin)