Spiral stairs

(063:  Looking down the spiral stairs.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

This photo was taken before we finished the stairs.  As you can see, we hadn’t yet put the railing on.  That was the hard part — bending a circular railing into a half spiral.  You’d think it would be fairly simple.  Yet we found it to be counter-intuitive.  It took a little while but we eventually figured it out.

Here is a photo of the stairs taken last week:

(The finished product.)

The DIRECTV blimp wanted to be in the picture.  We’re used to seeing the Goodyear Blimp in this part of the world.  I’m not sure what the DIRECTV blimp was doing here.  Perhaps Goodyear is renting out any extra space they may have in the dock.

(In the clouds.)

Friends will be arriving on Friday for a weekend visit with us.  I’ve been doing the usual cleaning to get ready for their visit.  One of the good things about having so much company this summer — besides the company, of course — is that it’s helping me keep my home in order.

Now, if I could just find a way to keep the cats from shedding.  Izzy and Bella are driving me crazy with all the cat hairs everywhere.  Bella will let me brush her, and even likes to be vacuumed (she’s a weird cat).  Izzy, however, doesn’t like being brushed and won’t let me near her with the vacuum (she’s a weird cat, too, but in different ways).  I wonder how funny they’d look if I had them shaved.