Flowers in the sky (II)

(054:  Barn storming?  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Remember the barn I mentioned in the previous post?  Here it is again.  Looks almost as though the balloon is going to run into it.  (It didn’t.)

I’ve been getting a lot of searches for “Party by the Pond.”  I don’t know if someone is looking for our Party by the Pond, wondering if we had it and didn’t invite them, or just looking for any Party by the Pond.  M and I usually have our Party by the Pond on or near the summer solstice.  We did not have it this year due to the wedding and all the celebrations surrounding it.  So if you’re looking for our summer solstice Party by the Pond, it’s not happening this year.  Perhaps next year.  Or perhaps not.  It seems like there are fewer and fewer people to invite with so many people moving away over the past couple of years.

We may have to start looking for some new friends.  🙂