Light and dark

(049:  Light & dark.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.

~ Walt Whitman

Today’s photo presents an excellent opportunity for me to poll you regarding the look of my blog.  I am trying to decide between sticking with the current blog theme or changing to the dark one I used for Bountiful Healing.  I am partial to the dark theme because I like the way my photos look against a dark background.  However, I’ve noticed when visiting other photography sites and blogs that sometimes a light background is nice, too.  The other plus with the dark background is that I’ll have to use the same theme I used for Bountiful Healing and that ought to help those who are missing BH feel more at home here in the Bogs.

In other news…

It’s another gray and cool day here in the Bogs.  I stopped by Hilgert’s Farm Market yesterday and picked up a peck of sugar snap peas for $4.50.  I’ll be prepping, blanching, and freezing those today.  It’s a good day for that sort of thing.  The coolness of the weather will keep me from feeling like I’m slaving over a hot stove.

We’re kicking off our 4th of July weekend celebrations by meeting with friends in Akron this evening.  M and I will probably hang around for a while to check out the Rib, White, and Blue Festival (eat some food, listen to some music, and have a good time).

9 Comments on “Light and dark”

  1. Anna Surface says:

    Robin, well, I tend to like dark for photos and light for writing. Ehh! With my photoblogs I use a black background, and sometimes I do write a bit to go along with the photo. So, I just make sure the white lettering is readable at first glance. I’ve seen white background photography sites that looks really good too. It is a preference, I suppose. I voted that I’m cool with whatever. 🙂

  2. Sock Girl says:

    *Love* the photo.

    (No preference on blog design… either one works for me)

  3. anhinga says:

    I tried dark background for a while and thought the photos were enhanced greatly, but the text was harder to read, so I’m back to light.

  4. Brian says:

    You can use this template and make the sides a dark color. This link is to a list of Hex Colors.

    Go to your Dashboard and click Appearance.
    Then click on Vigilance Options at the top of the Template list.
    Under color scheme, click Enable and then type in your Hex Color choice for the background and the border.

    That’s why my blog looks different. 😀

  5. bookbabie says:

    I keep my blog light because I focus so much on reading. I know what you mean though, I’m doing a new website that will feature my photography and a lot of the templates there are dark. It’s a host (photobiz) that will let me change it though like a blog with the click of my mouse so I can go with my mood! I’m hoping it will be up tomorrow:)

  6. amuirin says:

    Robin, have you ever heard of ‘Atkins Farm’ in Massachussetts? I know that’s a ways away, but I guess it’s a kind of famous apple orchard in the Pioneer Valley with wonderful cider donuts.

    • Robin says:

      I haven’t, Am. We have a local orchard that makes cider donuts (and a variety of other donuts). It would be fun to compare them.

      As for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ — I loved it. I wanted to rush off to Italy and then to India, two countries on my list of places to visit before I die. I even toyed with the idea of copying the author by trying to learn Italian and then remembered that I am horrible at learning languages. I struggle enough with English. I might take lessons in Italian anyhow. I’m thinking it might be like bowling. I’m terrible at it, but enjoy it anyway.

      I want a guru too. Just because. Or maybe not just because. I’ve been practicing and reading about yoga. The practice itself has made a big difference in my life.

  7. amuirin says:

    Ohhh.. and what’d you think of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’?

  8. Robin says:

    Thanks to everyone for weighing in on my blog theme. Looks like the general consensus is that I have to decide for myself.

    I’ll probably experiment for a while so don’t be surprised if the place keeps changing.

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