Hot air balloons

(046:  Hot air balloon.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

The lovely weather we’ve been having (for the most part) has brought with it a few hot air balloons floating across the sky here in the Bogs most evenings.  I don’t always take my camera out anymore since there are only so many ways I can capture a hot air balloon (depending on light, distance, etc.).

As a result of being a little bored with taking pictures of the balloons (but not at all bored with seeing them!), I started playing with some of the shots in Photoshop.  The little sparkle of light you see on the top right is sunlight.  My favorite part of this photo is the way the clouds were swooping upwards.

Here is the unshopped version:

(Photo © 2009 by Robin.)

I’m off to do a Muscle Max workout and if that doesn’t kill me, it’s laundry day.  The goal is to get all of the laundry washed, dried, ironed if needed, and put away by the end of the day.  The weather is cooperating with my goal.  It’s a good day to hang stuff out on the line to dry.

Exciting stuff, don’t you think?