Just stuff

(043:  End of day aura.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I’m doing far too much procrastinating lately.  Today I decided to do something about it.  Procrastination, it seems to me, is far more stressful than actually doing the work.

You may have noticed the ad and sponsor over there in the sidebar to the right.  WordPress has teamed up with SocialVibe (if you’re a WordPress user, you’ll find it in your widgets) so that donations for charity can be earned through a sponsor.  I picked Sprint as a sponsor and the charity I chose is Fill the Cup, a world food program.  When you come to visit Life in the Bogs, take a moment to click on the “Help now!  It’s free” button, watch a quick video, rate the video, and if you like, leave your name and a message to let me know you helped.

Then again…

I’ve removed the SocialVibe ad for now.  I need to do some research first.  Thanks, Anhinga, for the heads up.