Saturday clouds

Last Saturday I sat out on the deck watching the clouds.  We’ve had some interesting and wonderful cloud formations over the past few weeks.  I suppose there is some scientific explanation for it all, but I don’t know what it is.

Norm, over at Unmerited Gifts, has similar weather to what we have here in the Bogs (he usually sends his weather this way in the winter months, sharing the snow and cold from up north).  He was  drawn to photograph the clouds we’re seeing this season, too.  His post, Head in the Clouds, inspired me to post some of the photos I came up with while sitting on the deck on a Saturday afternoon.  I put mine in the form of a slide show just for fun (and to learn something new).

(042:  Saturday clouds.  Photos © 2009 by Robin)

A big thank you to Bo at Seeded Earth for helping me out with posting this as a slide show.