In the garden

(036:  The Flower Girl & her grandpa looking at tadpoles in the fountain.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

Just a picture and a short post for now.  I’m working on a post about the wedding and reception, and hope to have it up soon.

My mother had to be admitted to the hospital again.  Hopefully she is home by now, but I haven’t had any updates since Dad called the other day to let me know.  There was no answer when I phoned them this morning.  I hope that means they’re out shopping or having their Friday breakfast at the airport.

Here in the Bogs we’re having rainy weather again.  Muggy, too, with temps going up into the 80’s.  I’m working around the house, trying to get caught up on all the things I let slide during the festivities and my recovery from the festivities.  M is working hard as usual and the cats are rejoicing that the house is back to normal and they no longer have to contend with strangers (to them) trying to pet them or woo them.  Like most cats, they have made me suffer through a few days of paybacks for the disruption in their lives.  I’m about done with that.  It stops or they may find themselves becoming barn cats.

(Empty threat.  But they don’t know that.   Heh.)

My other project of the moment is researching places to stay when we take our trip out to Colorado to visit the newlyweds.  I’m excited about the trip.  M has been out there (when he helped M the Younger move last August), but I have not (other than the stops in Denver to switch planes when we fly to California).  As part of the Colorado Project I will be concentrating on gaining lower body strength for climbing mountains.  While it’s not entirely flatlands here in northeastern Ohio, the hills aren’t much to speak of when compared to the Rocky Mountains.  I was considering this but think it might be too ambitious for our first trip out there.