(Photo © 2009 by Robin)

You get two entries today because I thought you’d like to admire my bok choy.  I think it is very pretty.  And suspect it will be very tasty as well.  M and I will find out in a little while when I stir fry it with some other veggies and tofu.  I’m not sure about a sauce yet.  I’m leaning towards a Thai red curry, a simple sauce to make.

The garden is being overrun and overwhelmed by weeds.  All the rain and warmer temperatures have combined to speed up the growth of everything, but it seems like the weeds grow ten times faster than anything else.  I would like to get started on the weeding and would do so if it were not so wet and mushy out there.  Weeds are easier to pull when the ground is wet, but this is too wet.  Big clumps of the ground come out with the weeds and the veggies are disturbed by the movement.  I’m afraid I’ll kill them off with all the trauma.

More rain is expected on Friday and Saturday.  After yesterday’s deluge, we really don’t need more rain right away.  The pedal boat was almost filled with water by the time the rains finished last night.  That’s a goodly amount of water.  As I was driving around doing some errands this morning, I noticed the creeks are way up and there are yards with rain-ponds (ponds formed by heavy rain).  Our pond has overflowed its banks (and emergency spillway) as has the creek at the back of the property.

With more rain coming, the weeding will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday.  By that time the weeds may have taken over the Bogs and be working their way towards taking over the world.

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