Fading Rose

(032:  Fading rose.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

No time to write.  Still have family and friends here.  We’re going over to Akron today to walk the trail that runs through part of the city and then hang out for a little while.

The spiral stairs that we hoped would arrive before the wedding were delivered today.  M and I will be working on installing those after everyone leaves.  The stairs will get us from the dining room down to the new deck.  (As it is now, we have to walk around the front of the house or go out through the basement door to get to the deck.  There’s no access from upstairs.)

Hope to have time to write about the wedding soon.  Thanks for all the comments and visits.  🙂

(The photo above includes one of the roses from the reception decorations.  The bride’s colors were lavender and sage.  The rose is beginning to fade a bit, but it’s still beautiful.)