Phun with Photoshop

(027:  Petunia, extruded.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I’ve been taking the occasional breather from the monstrous to-do list and spending it doing something that I enjoy.   I was getting much too stressed out, forgetting that the reason I’m working so hard is to get ready for a celebration and time spent with family and friends.   Playing with Photoshop is one of the little things in life I enjoy doing and it frees my mind from stressful thoughts.  It’s like taking a few very deep breaths.  It clears my head and relaxes my body.

Under filters in Photoshop there is a little thing called “extrude.”  Having no idea what it did, I decided to find out.  Kind of cool, isn’t it?

Today we’re meeting with the banquet coordinator at the restaurant where we’re having the rehearsal dinner.  It’s the one big thing that the parents of the groom are responsible for throughout this whole wedding process.  “Restaurant” is a misnomer.  It used to be a restaurant, but they’ve closed it as such and are only doing banquets there now.  Thankfully the menu is pretty similar and I expect the food will be excellent.

The purpose of meeting with the coordinator is to have a look at what they’ve done with the restaurant area where the tables will be, and to finalize any menu items I might have missed during a recent flurry of email activity to get our menu to the chef.

M the Younger picked up the tuxes last night.  Both of my M’s tried them on here at home (just to make sure everything was there).  Lemme tell ya, they sure are some handsome looking dudes.  Not that I’m biased or anything.

The house is pretty much in order.  I just have a few things to do before the first of the family and friends arrive tomorrow, but that shouldn’t take long.  We’ll be playing musical beds over the weekend, people staying here one night and then moving to a hotel the next while someone else stays here.  That experience should take care of any lingering notions of someday running a bed & breakfast.


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