(019:  Bella in bed.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

That’s Bella, cuddled up in the waterbed next to my pillow and under the covers.  Both Izzy and Bella like morning cuddles, but Izzy will stay on top of the covers whereas Bella really likes to snuggle in.

I did Cathe Friedrich’s Muscle Max workout this morning.  I’m going to be hellasore tomorrow.  Or the day after.  It’s usually the day after the day after that’s the worst for these things.  It was a killer workout that challenged me to the max.  I was feeling pretty shaky and weak by the time I finished the entire 63 minutes (or whatever amount it is over one hour).  To me that’s the sign of a good workout.

We have friends dropping in for dinner tomorrow, on their way home from wherever they went.  I’ll be making chicken enchiladas.  I seem to have a Mexican food theme going this week.

Another rainy day.  It’ll be a good day for me to concentrate on all the indoor work I need to do.

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