Smooth Sunday

(010:  Evening by the pond.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I was up bright and early this morning.  Early enough to watch the sunrise, such as it was.  It’s warm outside and kind of hazy from the heat and lack of breeze so the sunrise wasn’t spectacular.  It was nice, though, to be up that early and feeling energized and ready to start the day.  I’ve been sleeping in every morning for what seems like months, each night telling myself that I’ll get up early the next day only to find myself sleeping in again.  It was a hard pattern to break.  I know, it’s much too early to consider it broken.  But it’s a start.

There was a time when early mornings (very early — around 4:30am) were my time of day.  That seems like a long time ago now.

Our sunsets for the past two evenings have been nice.  I took the above photo on Friday evening.  I dragged out the tripod and played with the manual settings on the camera.  I need to do that more often so I can learn through practice.  Reading about how to do things just doesn’t do it for me.  I have to actually do it a few times before it sinks in.  I was going for something a little different than what I got, but that’s okay.  Mistakes another way to learn.  And it’s not a bad shot.

The day has been going pretty smoothly, one thing following another.  My early rising and sunrise meditation was followed by a 2-mile walk and 30 minutes of yoga.  That was followed by a great breakfast (a scramble with veggies).  From there I’ve been mildly productive and have managed to cross off several items on my to-do list.

That’s usually the way of it when I get up early.  The day flows.

It’s nice.  🙂