Bunny rabbits

(009:  Run, rabbit, run!  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

There are two young rabbits running around the property, entertaining us with their antics.  They enjoy chasing each other round in circles.  I enjoy just watching them, but I did take a stab at capturing them with the camera.  Given how fast they move, I’m pretty happy with how this particular photo turned out.

The cold from Hell refuses to go away.  I’m beginning to feel a bit beat down by it so I decided to do what I should have been doing all along — get back on track with my Healthy Living goals.  If I make the environment (my body) too healthy, perhaps the cold will slink away in its own kind of misery.

One can only hope.

M is outside right now taking his first swim of the season.  I would have joined him but I’m not sure the pond water is warm enough for that yet.  The days have been warm this past week, but the nights are still pretty cool (50’s).  The surface of the pond is probably pretty warm.  I’m betting it’s cold underneath, though.  Ice cold.

I’m going to go out and sit on the deck for a little while, perhaps do some reading.  Or napping.  Having worked hard this morning and accomplished quite a bit, I feel I deserve it.