Getting better

(007:  Mango juice on the deck.)

I slept most of yesterday away.  At this stage of life, I dislike sleeping a day away but it does seem to have helped.  My body must have needed the rest.

The days have been clear, sunny and warm this week.  It would have been a good week for working outside if I’d felt up to it.  I hope to get out and about later today to see what’s happening in the garden.  We could probably use some rain so I think I’ll do a rain dance while I’m out there.  Watering the garden does the job, but the plants seem to prefer it when the water falls from the sky rather than from the watering can.  Now that I think about it, we really should set up a rain barrel and start collecting the rain water.

Time for me to get busy and play catch up.  I’m way off schedule for the week.

Today's view of the pond.

Today's view of the pond.