Cinco de Mayo

M and I are home.  I’m luxuriating in it.  It feels so good to be back in my own home that it’s almost decadent.  I’m not going to get too comfortable, though.  The housesitter will return on Friday to take over the place while we go to State College, PA for the Bruce Springsteen concert.  Thankfully it’s only an overnight type of trip.  After that we can get settled back in for a while.

We finally got to meet our new granddaughter.  I’d like for you all to meet Miss Madison Grace:

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Of course she is and I’ll accept no other answer.  This isn’t the best of shots, but it’s the best I have of her with her eyes open.  Like most newborns, she sleeps a lot.

Maddy is an amazingly good baby.  Any baby that can sleep through her big sister’s swim lessons on a pool deck with lots of kids swimming, talking, and running around is an amazingly good baby.  She wasn’t the least bit disturbed by any of the noise.  Even when she does get fussy, it doesn’t seem all that fussy to me.

I enjoyed meeting Maddy and spending time with the Exquisite Emma.  They are both beautiful girls and I marvel at how lucky I am to have two such sweet and wonderful granddaughters.  I do wish we could spend more time with them.  Hopefully we’ll remedy that somehow (go to visit them more often).

The next few days will be busy with laundry, cleaning, and hopefully some time spent in the garden where I’m pretty sure the weeds have taken over.  I’ll slip in a few more New Orleans pictures as time permits.  Or you can head over to Bountiful Healing where you might see some of the better shots.