Jazz Fest — Day 2

M and I had a great time at Jazz Fest yesterday.  I have lists of all the good food and fantastic music we indulged in, but a thorough write-up will have to wait until we return home.

We’re heading out for day 2 of Jazz Fest in a little while.    We’re split between which closing acts to see:  Wilco or Erykah Badu.  The other two choices we considered, for those inquiring minds that want to know, are James Taylor or Johnny Winter.  I think we’re going to split up.  I’ll go listen to Erykah Badu and M will go for Wilco.

The weather has been sunny, hot and humid.  Fortunately, it’s also been windy.  The breeze helps.  A lot.  So do the misting tents.  As someone who wasn’t born for hot weather, I’m a big fan of the misting tents.  Whoever came up with that idea was one smart cookie.  Not only do they cool you off when you’re hot, apparently they do double duty in that they fan the flames of passion.  Saw more than one couple making out in the misting tent as if they were in the shower.

Good for them.

We’ll be heading home tomorrow.  I’m going to need a week’s vacation.  We’ve managed to pack a lot into each and every day we’ve been here and I’m on the verge of complete and utter exhaustion.  I’m pretty sure I’ve put back on some weight, too.  There’s a lot of delicious food here in New Orleans.  Oh well.  I’ll just have to rev up the exercise routine when we get home.

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