You know it’s spring…

…when the ducks and geese come back to the pond.

… when thunderstorms roll in and out.

… when we spend a goodly amount of time harassing encouraging the geese to leave our pond and either hang out at the creek or find another pond where they’re more welcome.

We’re having a party tomorrow.  A friend has taken a new job in another state.  We’re happy for her in that she’s happy about her new job, but we’re also sad to see her leave.  Does that make sense?  I know what I mean but my words are discombobulated lately.

Anyhow.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve been ignoring Life in the Bogs so much lately.  I’ve been busy cleaning house and getting ready for the party.  The whole month of April is going to be a busy one for us.  Hopefully I’ll find some time to blog about it all.

(Are all of my blog posts sounding like this lately?  Yeah, I think they are.  I need to improve on that, too.)

5 Comments on “You know it’s spring…”

  1. IMHO as long as you keep posting pictures like these, all will be fine 🙂 Loves me some birdies.

  2. jenna says:

    Look at those duckies! I love them.

    It makes total sense- I feel just the same way when a friend relocates to do something he/she loves. Happy for the friend, sad for me.

  3. Lepus says:

    Made perfect sense to me too. 🙂

  4. Heidi Lou says:

    Hey, Robin, I thought this was funny. We’ve got a park with a little pond right next to our community. The Canadian geese love the pond, and the township is always trying different things to discourage the geese. Here’s the latest blurb from our community newsletter:

    The Civic Affairs Committee sent this: In case you’ve been wondering about the two “dead” geese on the east and west side of the Adkinson Park pond, they are decoys. Bethel Township Parks & Recreation placed them there to convince geese that the pond is not a healthy place to reside. Keep an eye on the pond over the next couple of months to see if they are effective.

  5. Robin says:

    “Dead” decoys?? lol!

    Let me know if it works. We’ve often thought about warning away the others with a dead goose, but that would probably be illegal since it’s not currently goose hunting season.

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