A Good Weekend

On Saturday night M and I went to the Kent Stage for the Rusted Root concert.  If you’re not sure who Rusted Root are, have a listen to this song.  It might be familiar to you.  The band formed in Pittsburgh in the late 1980’s.  Their music is described as being similar to the Grateful Dead in that they have long jam sessions (I read somewhere that the band doesn’t like to be referred to as a jam band), the core of which is a strong percussion section.  They have a new album/CD coming out in May (sooner if you buy it digitally on Amazon.com: Stereo Rodeo).

We had a great time.  Rusted Root keeps the audience on their feet and dancing.  If you get the chance to see/hear them, go.  You’ll have fun.  I’m sure of it.

Yesterday we went to Sharon, Pennsylvania on the Great Dress Hunt.  I had my hair cut last week and poured out my mother-of-the-groom dress woes to my stylist who recommended I get myself to Sharon, PA and check out The Winner.  So I did.  And guess what?  I found a dress I like.  Yay!

All I need now is approval on the color and I’ll be good to go.  My only regret, and it’s a big one, is the amount of money I spent on the dress.  I have never, ever spent that much money on a dress.  Never.  Ever.  It’s a beautiful, designer dress, but still.  I will only wear it once.  My hope is that I can sell it at a consignment shop or something after the wedding.  I can’t imagine I’ll ever have an occasion to wear it again.

If the color is not a good one, then I’ll return the dress next weekend and start the Great Dress Hunt all over again. I may continue shopping around this week, just to make sure I didn’t miss something equally as good at less cost.

Want to see the dress?  Here it is, but in a different color.  I bought it in a shade of blue.

M and I have a lot going on this week, and I have tons to do before we get started on our adventures.  I’ll update as and when I can.

6 Comments on “A Good Weekend”

  1. krebiz says:

    i’d like a new post, please.

  2. krebiz says:

    Wait. This IS a new post. Eeeeek! sorry. Lemme go read it.

  3. krebiz says:

    I would think you’d be able to consign it. I’ve sold jeans and tshirts and lesser dresses to consigment shops.

    Actually…I’ll call one in town here that deals with upscale schtuff and see if they take mother-of dresses. At least you’d have somewhere near your parents to consign it if you can’t find anything in the bogs.

  4. Lepus says:

    It’s a lovely dress and I bet it’s very slimming too. I’m glad you found one and I hope you continue to be pleased with it.

  5. Norm says:

    Very nice dress.

    Glad you and M are busy having fun and getting out.

  6. heidilou says:

    Love the dress!

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