March deluge

As you can see from the video (taken yesterday morning), we’ve been having some rain here in the Bogs.  It warmed up (to almost 70!) yesterday.  With the warm-up came the rains.  The snow and ice have all turned to water and mud.  It’s raining like crazy today and we woke up to find that not only had we lost an hour of time by springing forward, but the basement was flooding again.  It continues to rain and flood as I type.

In all likelihood, the warm-up won’t last too long.  We’re only eight days into March.  I’m sure winter will stop by with some more snow and ice before the season is over.  However, I think the back of winter is broken or almost broken.  The crocuses are blooming and the green spears of the daffodils are shooting up out of the earth.  I would post a few photos of the crocuses, but they’re currently drowning in the rain.  It’s neither a pretty picture nor one I want to risk my camera to shoot.  I find it difficult to hold an umbrella and take macro shots at the same time.

After the relatively quiet months of January and February, life is going to start picking up again for us.  We have tickets to concerts or shows or something almost every weekend in March and a few in April.  There are trips planned for the near future.  And soon it will be time to start working in the garden.

Tonight we’re going to see DrumLine, Live in Akron.  Although it’s not my choice, I’m sure it will be fun.  This is one of those things M enjoys since he plays (or at least used to play) the drums and he was in band.

My search for a dress for M the Younger’s wedding continues.  Still no luck.  I did try on one dress on Friday that I liked as far as color, fit, and most of the cut.  Unfortunately it involved way too much cleavage.  Not at all a tasteful mother-of-the-groom dress.  I’m trying not to get discouraged, but I’m not entirely sure there’s a dress out there somewhere that will suit me.  Perhaps I’m too picky or else it’s just difficult to find something that walks the fine line between too young and too old.  I may be a grandmother but I don’t have to look old.  Do I??

Yesterday was a run-around kind of day for M and me.  We took a big load of books to the local library.  I’ve had to make some hard choices regarding my book collection.  We just don’t have the room for all the books I’ve hoarded over the years.  I’m sure the folks at the library appreciated the donation, making it feel good to let them go.  No matter how much I might want to think I’m going to go back and reread some of those books, I know deep down it’s not going to happen.  My stack of new books to read continues to grow.  Finding time to read those is hard enough.  I did set aside some old favorites that I’m likely to reread, but most of the books we brought down from the attic now belong to the local library.  There are more boxes (and boxes!) of books up in the attic so I suspect the library will be seeing us on a fairly regular basis as I sort through them.

We also went in search of a storage solution for my art supplies.  I want to set something up so that when the Exquisite E comes to visit she’ll have a place where she can draw, paint, color, collage, or whatever.  It will also be nice to have that place/space for myself.  We spent an hour or so at a local antiques mall and found a leather-topped desk that I really like.  It’s a little beat up, but I think it will work out well.

3 Comments on “March deluge”

  1. kel says:

    storage solutions for art supplies and workspace
    surely that is enough to take one’s mind of the grey raininess 🙂

    how exciting a project
    you’ll have to share what you came up with

    i’ve had fun setting up my studio
    and had people using it today
    they loved being left to explore and find things that inspired them to make something

  2. Robin says:

    Kel: My space won’t be nearly as wonderful as what you have there at Anamrae. Even so, it is, as you said, an exciting project. I’m looking forward to getting things into some sort of order so I can find them. Everything has been in boxes since we returned from our sabbatical adventures (due to lack of a place to put the stuff).

  3. […] my home and life this new year, I started with my art desk corner (for a memory jog, see the posts here and here) yesterday.  I cleaned up and organized the desk.  I realize it doesn’t look […]

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