Mission accomplished

(Today’s view of the pond.)

Today I successfully completed the two 30-day goals I signed up for on February 2nd.  I’ve been alcohol-free for 30 days and I walked over 100 miles in that same time period.

I’m enjoying, as Garrison Keillor put in his advice to the newly 50, the vacation from alcohol.  The loss of the empty (non-nutritious) calories has been a big bonus.  It leaves room for other non-nutritious calories such as Starburst Jelly Beans or Cadbury Caramel Eggs.  Not on a regular basis, mind you.  Just as the occasional treat.

(Jelly beans and sunlight.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

I have to walk more to make up for the jelly beans and caramel eggs.  😉

After taking today off as a kind of rest day (I walked only 2 miles), I’m looking for a new challenge.  I plan to stay alcohol-free for a while as I whittle away the excess weight.  (Less jelly beans, more walking!)

I made a risotto with butternut squash and feta cheese for dinner last night.  Yummy stuff, but it didn’t photograph well.

(Unphotogenic risotto.)

I’m not sure more light would have helped in this instance.  Perhaps I didn’t pose it well.

The weather here in the Bogs continues to be bitterly cold.  I’m a little weary of the cold and being cold.  This is the first winter that the cold has bothered me.  I’m beginning to have a little more sympathy for those who always want the heat turned up.

It’s supposed to get above freezing tomorrow.  That will be a nice change of pace.

7 Comments on “Mission accomplished”

  1. Norm says:

    Ha, ha! I’m glad to see that you’re also capable of taking shots that refuse to work… and that you’re willing to show them here as well. Darned uncooperative risotto!

  2. Robin says:

    Norm: I take TONS of shots that refuse to work. lol! I’ve even posted a few from time to time, just for the fun of it. Sometimes I like the shots that don’t quite work for reasons I can’t explain. 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    I haven’t set any goals for my 50th year. I had planned to but I’m already a month in. LOL Eating healthier, sure, so I can lug camera equipment instead of extra weight while huffing up and down hills and in creeks.

    Looking at your photo of risotto reminds me of how I would love to try cooking some different dishes. I have scores of cookbooks that I’ve collected with recipes I haven’t tried. I haven’t eaten risotto. What is it, Robin? A rice dish cooked with something else? I happen to love rice, by the way… all kinds in different ways.

    I haven’t tried to photograph food either. I think that would be challenging! I really like the jelly beans and sunlight photo.

    It is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today!

  4. ybonesy says:

    Congratulations on accomplishing your goal, and can you come cook for us?? 8)

  5. amuirin says:

    100 miles, wow!

    I laughed at your line, ‘It didn’t photograph well’…. Actually, the cluster of jelly beans and the risotto down below almost looked like different stages of some bizarre life-form, the jellybeans being it’s butterfly phase, of course.


  6. Robin says:

    Amuirin: LOL! Yes, the jellybeans would have to be the butterfly phase as it would be a terrible shame for something to do through different stages only to end up looking like the risotto. 😉

  7. Robin says:

    Ybonesy: I’d gladly come cook for you just for the chance to travel your way. 🙂

    Anna: Risotto is an Italian rice dish. It’s a somewhat labor intensive dish. You saute the rice, adding liquid (usually starting with some wine and then switching to stock of some kind) slowly, letting the liquid be absorbed before adding more, stirring pretty much constantly. You continue to do this until the rice is cooked (al dente) and creamy (usually anywhere from 17-30 mins.).

    I’m not particularly good at food photography, but I did get somewhat better when I spent a month practicing. I posted one photo each day here during that month (it was sometime last year).

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