What’s new in the Bogs?

Well, not much, really.

We had a big warm-up (into the 50’s) yesterday.  The snowmelt was fast and furious, water pouring off the roof of the house.  This morning we found that some of the melted snow had made its way into the basement.  I have to admit it wasn’t totally unexpected (by me, at least).  I wondered (to myself) last night if we’d find water on the floor of the basement this morning given how fast the snow had disappeared.  When the ground is saturated the water has to go somewhere and that somewhere is sometimes our basement.

Thankfully most of it ended up in the bathroom and laundry room, as usual.  I’ll use this opportunity to thoroughly clean both rooms over the next day or so.  Right now it’s a matter of letting things dry a bit and taking care of the laundry that I’d spread out on the floor when I separated it the other day, preparing to to wash it.

Looks like M will be renting a bulldozer sometime this spring or summer.  The front yard needs graded (or regraded, as the case may be) to stop future flooding.  We’ve been aware of this project in the making, but have put it off in favor of other projects since flooding was a rare event.  But there comes a time when enough is enough.  I suppose this is that time.

Foxchild over at The Unveiling of a Pagan Spirit passed along a link that I’d like to now pass along:  Courage Campaign.  I’m not sure how something like this works (or doesn’t work) in terms of petitioning the Supreme Court (showing how little I know about how our law system works), but I do think the video is worth watching.  Food for thought, and all that.

An update on my 1100 in 2009 goal —

  • Total mileage so far:  116.425 miles

I signed up for a 100 miles in 30 days challenge.  My start date was February 2nd.  I’ve completed 27% of the mileage for the challenge.

And that, folks, is about it from the Bogs for today.