More fun!

(This evening’s view of the pond.)

It was a balmy day here in the Bogs.  The temperature at noon was around 22°F.  It’s funny how that feels warm compared to the below zero temps we’ve been experiencing.

It’s all a matter of perspective, eh?

The pond is frozen.  No ice skating has taken place yet.  M says the ice is rough and choppy.  If anyone out there owns a Zamboni and wants to come by and smooth out the ice for us, we’d very much appreciate it.  (Isn’t it wonderful that there seems to be a solution for things like this?  Not that we could afford to avail ourselves of that solution, but I think it’s cool that someone out there — namely Frank Zamboni in this case — had an idea and followed that idea to its fruition, inventing something that is now part of the skating world.)

Yesterday was a full day for us.  We paid a visit to the Padre who will be performing the wedding ceremony for M the Younger and his fiancee.  While we were up that way we stopped by the restaurant where we’ll be having the rehearsal dinner.  We paid the deposit and then had lunch there.  We decided to sample the lunch portions of the entrees we’re thinking of picking for the rehearsal dinner.  They were excellent.  When we finished the banquet coordinator stopped by with the check which turned out to be for drinks only.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Well, okay.  Not exactly free.  The cost of the rehearsal dinner will more than make up for the cost of our lunch.  Still and all, it was a nice thing for her to do, especially since we’d already taken care of the down payment and there wasn’t much to be gained by giving us a free lunch except for our appreciation and thanks.

Yesterday evening we went out with friends and had a good time.  I know some (at least one) of you are reading so thanks!  I really enjoyed it.

Today M and I went cross-country skiing again.  Two Sundays in a row!  We’ll be pros in no time.  (Hahahaha!!)  We are getting somewhat better.  I’m proud to say I finally made it all the way to the top of a hill that has defeated me on previous attempts.  And I only fell twice today!  I’m not sure how many times M fell.  More than I did.  But we’re probably about even since last Sunday’s adventure in cross-country skiing saw me falling within the first few minutes, a foreshadowing of things to come.  The good thing about all this snow is that it doesn’t hurt a bit to fall.  The layers of clothing necessary for the cold help, too.

I will be sore tomorrow.  Not as sore as last week, but sore.  I’m thoroughly exhausted this evening and expect I’ll sleep well.  Fresh air and exercise are the best sleep aids I know of.

I wish I could write well enough to describe how beautiful and peaceful it was out on the trails at Quail Hollow today.  Snow was falling pretty heavily at times.  The only sound was the sssshhhh of our skis in the snow.

We may have to invest in our own skis so we can ski around the property or drive out to some of the other trails during the week.  Quail Hollow rents only on weekends so that limits how often we can go.

And in case you’re interested, I lose 2-3 lbs. in one hour of cross-country skiing.  It’s water weight, as they say, since I finish up soaked in sweat.