A quiet Sunday

(Photo © 2009 by Robin.)

It’s mostly quiet here today.  The rain was coming down heavily and creating a rhythm outside for a little while this morning.  The rain has stopped now.  The combination of rain and the snow on the ground have created a thick fog in which nothing seems to be moving or making a sound.

M and I took down the tree and other holiday decorations.  M did most of the work, having gotten started while I was busy soaking in the disco tub.  My muscles were in need of a warm soak and the massage of the air jets.  My right hamstring muscle is giving me grief lately, along with the usual suspects (hips and lower back).  The soak was nice, as was coming out to discover that most of the holiday “tear down” was finished.

M is a good man.

A very good man.  He made sweet potato fries for lunch.  Yummy!

The fridge needs cleaned out so we’re having soup for dinner.  It’s a good way to get rid of the vegetables that aren’t old or bad enough to throw away but are obviously past their prime.  The soup will end up being a minestrone with lots of basil flavor.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I may go take a nap with the cats (who are professional nappers always willing to give lessons through example).