Happy New Year!

So, okay.  We’re three days into 2009 already.  I’m a little late.  We’ll just have to celebrate all over again.

I decided one of my resolutions for this new year is to spend more time posting on this blog.  I suspect I’m not the only person making that resolution.  It’s probably pretty common in the blogosphere where most of us, at some point or another, start writing about how we’re not posting (perhaps because all we have to write about is how we’re not writing!).  I’ve noticed that the less I write, the less I feel inclined to write.  And then I miss writing and have to push myself to get started again.

2009.  I like the look of it.  New year, new journey.

I wanted to write up a fairly detailed post about our recent trip back east.  But the further I get away from the trip, the less I feel like writing about it.  I’m going to settle for a brief synopsis.

  • Went to PA to visit with M’s family, as well as some friends.  We encountered heavy fog on the way out and heavy snow on our way back.
  • Had a good time listening to the Boys in the Barroom at Bube’s on the 27th.  (Thank goodness the place is now smoke-free!!)
  • M the Younger and his fiancee, after taking a trip out to visit with my parents, stopped to have lunch with us in PA.  Lovely Fiancee had her very first cheesesteak.  She liked it.
  • Took a quick, overnight, trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Saw the Ansel Adams – Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit, Natural Affinities, at the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum.  It was a very interesting exhibit although I would like to have seen the photographs and paintings of the same subjects or similar subject matter side-by-side rather than across the room from each other.  I think it would have made for a more interesting comparison.
  • Had dinner with friends.  M asked the concierge at our hotel for a recommendation for Chinese food.  She suggested Full Kee Restaurant.  Great suggestion!  It’s not a fancy restaurant, but the service was great and the food was excellent.
  • Had a good time for the most part.
  • Came home on New Year’s Eve and celebrated with M the Younger and Lovely Fiancee by playing games and eating the traditional pork and sauerkraut.

That about sums it up, I think.

2008 Goals

Last year I posted 3 goals.  Here’s how it all turned out:

  1. Walk 1,000 miles:  I did it!!!  Yay!!  My total for the year is 1,002.27 miles.  Do I rock or what?
  2. Lose one stone:  Nope, didn’t get there.  I made it halfway.  Then gained a little back.
  3. Eat 5-9 servings of fruit and veggies each day:  I didn’t keep a record, but I’d say I managed this about 98% of the year.  I have no trouble eating vegetables or fruit (although I do tend to lean more towards the veggies rather than the fruit).  It could be higher than 98%.  About the only time I don’t achieve this level of vegetation is when we’re traveling.

Not bad, all in all.

There was also the matter of the 50 Books Project.  I read 39.  Also not bad.  To be honest, I never expect to make 50.  It’s not that I couldn’t make 50, but that might involve reading nothing but junk.  While I enjoy junk from time to time, I don’t like to make a habit of it.   (Hmmm… a look at my list reveals that I may be making a habit of it.)

Now that I’ve taken care of last year’s business, here are (some of) my goals for 2009:

Goal #1:  Walk 1,100 miles.

Goal #2:  Lose one stone.

Goal #3:  Do a better job of eating local.  I’m not ready to take on the Eat Local challenge.  We do a fairly good job of eating locally and seasonally, but there is room for improvement.

Goal #4:  Continue to work on my 50 Goals Project (wherein I attempt to achieve 50 things in one year’s time because turning 50 made me crazy that way).

(Portage Footpath.  Photo © 2009 by Robin.)

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  Today I began my next thousand with enough steps to add up to 2.5 miles.

One Comment on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Norm says:

    All good news; congrats on making those goals; and go girl on the new ones. One item there makes me ga-ga with envy though – Adams and O’Keefe in the same hall!!!!!!! I’d give my eye teeth to have seen that show. Awesome. Did you also check out the glass exhibit?

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