So, I was wondering…

If I put the pink flamingos out by the pond, do you think they’ll scare away the Great Blue Herons?

I wouldn’t want to do that.

M and I attended a pond clinic sometime during our first year or so on this lovely piece of land.  We realized early on that we knew nothing about the care and upkeep of a pond (especially a 1.5 acre pond!).  I remember it was on a cold and windy day, but I can’t remember what time of year it was.  I’m thinking it was supposed to be spring, but spring hadn’t arrived yet.

Some of the other people attending had small ponds and one guy asked about keeping herons away from his pond.  He was stocking his pond with expensive koi and the herons were eating them.  Herons can’t resist a big, shiny fish.

If I remember correctly, decoys of any kind don’t work in the long run.  The heron will fly over several times over the course of a few days, getting closer and closer to the decoy, until they figure out it isn’t real.  Hopefully the pink flamingos, which are hot pink and about as unnatural looking as a decoy can be, won’t fool the herons into thinking this is an inhospitable place for them to be.

Unless, of course, they have some sense of taste or class.

(Great blue heron at the pond. 2007.  Photo © Robin)

Thanks! to the great blue herons that come to visit and help to keep down the fish and frog population.  We don’t fish enough (or eat frogs legs) to keep the population down to healthy level without their help.  Even if they weren’t helping out, I’d still enjoy their visits as they’re beautiful birds and I delight in watching them as the wade around the edges of the pond, stalking the fish and frogs.

Thanks! (3)

For birds.  Birds of all kinds and shapes and colors.  Even in the winter months, there are still plenty of the fine feathered creatures around to be watched and admired, and to fascinate.

I was reminded this morning of just how fascinating and beautiful birds can be by an email from a friend.  Cismonok sent me a link to this video:

Thanks!, Cismonok.  I really enjoyed watching the starlings.  What a beautiful sight!  I’d love to be able to stand there and watch them in person.  (It should be noted that I’m going to try very hard not to spend my day looking at all the other beautiful bird videos available on YouTube.)

I had another reminder about birds yesterday.  A strange flock arrived in the evening.  They are exotic, bigger than most of the birds around here, and hot pink.

Yes, they are pink flamingos.  I once did a blog post that included pink flamingos.  You can see it here if you’d like.  It explains, among other things, why I like pink flamingos.  You’ll have to scroll down a bit, past the babies and flowers and mummers, to get to the flamingos.

The package of flamingos was addressed to Best Mom Ever.  They are a birthday gift to me from M the Younger.  Tacky?  Yes.  But fun.  And they certainly made me smile and laugh.

Now all I have to figure out is the best placement for some of these lovely birds around the pond.  I’d like to have them out there in honor of M the Younger’s next visit (sometime around Christmas).  Not all of them, mind you.  You can take kitsch just so far before it becomes a problem with the neighbors.

I think it might turn into a pink flamingo and lava lamp holiday this year.

Thanks! to M the Younger for a fun birthday gift.  I have to admit that I’m glad you didn’t give in to the urge to buy 50 in honor of my 50th.

Today’s view of the pond:

Pretty, isn’t it?

It’s currently 33°F (feels like 22°F), sunny with a few wispy clouds, winds S 15-25 mph.  A good day to bundle up and enjoy the sunshine.  We don’t see it much this time of year and I think it’s always a good idea to celebrate the sun when it does make an appearance.

Anyone want to join me in a sun dance?

Thanks! (2)

For heat.  And the electricity and gas needed to run the heat.  Being the tree-hugging type, I do my part to conserve energy when and where I can (the thermostat is set at 60° during the day), but it sure is nice when the heat kicks in and my hands start to thaw out.  I wear layers and keep moving throughout the day to stay warm.  However, I don’t wear gloves and by the time the heat starts to run, my hands are almost like blocks of ice.

Snow showers/squalls, 26° (feels like 15°), mostly gray with the rare sunny spell.

It is bitterly cold outside today.  Snow squalls have moved in and out, without much accumulation.  I don’t expect there will be much accumulation until the end of the week.  Just in time to travel.

(Today’s view of the pond. As if you didn’t know.)

I think the wind may be responsible for the shift of ice and water on the pond.  When it gets as gusty as it was yesterday and last night, it whips up the water.

My life is filled with laundry, housework, and shopping these days.  Hardly the stuff from which great blogs are made.  Perhaps things will get a little livelier over the weekend.

One can hope.

Thanks! (1)

For weather.

Otherwise, I might not have something to blog about every day.

Snow showers, 34°F, feels like 23°, and the winds are WSW at 15-25 mph.  Brrrrrr!

This afternoon’s view of the pond:


It’s a stay indoors and keep warm kind of day.