A good start

I’m off to a good start for my 50th year on the planet.  M and I went down to the exercise room and worked off some of the celebratory food and drink we’ve been indulging in this weekend.

5.1 miles of working it off for me.

Thanks! to my body for being strong and relatively healthy in spite of all the abuse I’ve heaped upon it.  I’m beginning to truly believe my body is my best friend as it surely does put up with a lot from me and still manages to come through.  I may have aches and pains, but if I exercise regularly, my body is very good about keeping those aches and pains down to a manageable level.  My body occasionally rewards me with pain-free days when I’ve been very, very good.

The most important thing I’ve learned about my body is that it likes to be in motion.

A huge THANKS! to everyone out there who has wished me a happy birthday.  I appreciate your good wishes and your friendship.  Thank you.