Thanks! (2)

For heat.  And the electricity and gas needed to run the heat.  Being the tree-hugging type, I do my part to conserve energy when and where I can (the thermostat is set at 60° during the day), but it sure is nice when the heat kicks in and my hands start to thaw out.  I wear layers and keep moving throughout the day to stay warm.  However, I don’t wear gloves and by the time the heat starts to run, my hands are almost like blocks of ice.

Snow showers/squalls, 26° (feels like 15°), mostly gray with the rare sunny spell.

It is bitterly cold outside today.  Snow squalls have moved in and out, without much accumulation.  I don’t expect there will be much accumulation until the end of the week.  Just in time to travel.

(Today’s view of the pond. As if you didn’t know.)

I think the wind may be responsible for the shift of ice and water on the pond.  When it gets as gusty as it was yesterday and last night, it whips up the water.

My life is filled with laundry, housework, and shopping these days.  Hardly the stuff from which great blogs are made.  Perhaps things will get a little livelier over the weekend.

One can hope.