Move 2008 Update


(Today’s view of the pond.)

It’s a dreary, cold, and damp day here in the Bogs.  Kind of suits my mood at the moment.  This year keeps throwing stuff at us.  The latest is something I can’t write about publicly.  I can say it sucks, but that’s about all I can or will say for the moment.

Best to put aside the suckiness of 2008 and get to the Move 2008 Update.

  • Total mileage for the year:  946.636 miles

I don’t have too much further to go.

3 Comments on “Move 2008 Update”

  1. Hugs. Way to go on the mileage!

  2. Norm says:

    ((hug)) Ditto on the mileage; I admire your commitment.

    I hear what you’re saying as I’ve been struggling with moods for the last while as well. It doesn’t help when the weather mirrors them.

    Bring on ’09; the sooner the better. (Goes against my day-at-a-time mindframe but…)

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks TPG and Norm. 🙂

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