D is for Desert

(Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park, California.  April 2008.)*

M and I didn’t get to spend much time in the desert.  It was a quick day trip to see a little outside of San Diego when we were there last April.  Not really knowing what to expect, I was astonished at the stark beauty of the desert.

I’d like to go again someday, or explore another desert.  I’d like to see the stars at night from the desert.  Or watch a sunrise or sunset.

We were there just after the wildflowers had bloomed.  Luckily, there were still a few blooms left to be found.

Sometimes we had to wander down a path…

To find a few of those blooms.

Sometimes we had to look very carefully…

All in all, I enjoyed my visit to the desert.  I’m not sure I would have appreciated it as much if we’d gone during the hotter months.

*All photos © Robin.

4 Comments on “D is for Desert”

  1. Bo says:

    After seeing a bit of the desert in a gorgeous October, and now these photos, I am more than determined to go back this spring for the wildflower show. wonder how I can manage that?

  2. Alto2 says:

    DH and I saw the Sonora Desert in bloom many years ago. It was astonishing to see things blooming in that parched earth.

  3. amuirin says:

    that star-flower photo? The pink striped one with five petals/leaves?

    There’s something really special about it. My eyes keep going back there.

  4. Robin says:

    Not sure if it’s special, Am, but it’s my favorite of the desert flower photos. Subtle, unassuming, and yet… there’s something there that draws me in. Reminds me of sand dollars a little, at least in terms of the repetitive star shape.

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