Journal Prompt: 10 things that make me smile

I picked this up at  List ten things (or more, if you like) that make you smile.

I thought I’d make it a little more interesting by including photos.  In no particular order, and certainly not all inclusive, ten things (or more, if I feel like it) that make me smile:

#1: Walks and hikes in the woods with M.

(On the Buckeye Trail.  October 2008)

#2: My granddaughter.

(Princess Emma watching the sunsetAugust 2008)

#3: The beauty of the pond and property on which M and I live.

(The pond on an early autumn dayOctober 2008)

#4: Evil cats.  (Nah, they’re not evil.  It’s just a bad picture.  The glowing eyes crack me up.  And Izzy and Bella almost always make me smile.)

(Izzy and Bella on the kitty condoOctober 2008)

#5: Moonlight on the water.

(Light of the full moon shining on the sea.  Ocean City, New JerseySeptember 2008)

#6a: Play and goofing around.

(Toys on the beach.  Ocean City, New Jersey. September 2008)

#6b: Miniature golf (which, in my opinion, qualifies as both play and goofing — or is that golfing? — around).

(Margate Miniature Golf at the Bay.  September 2008)

7. Autumn colors.

(On the Buckeye Trail.  October 2008.)

8. Watching the sunrise (especially at the beach!).

(Sunrise.  Ocean City, NJ.  September 2008.)

9. Big, bright, happy sunflower faces.

(Sunflower.  August 2008.)

10. Fireworks!

(Fireworks at Blossom.  August 2008)


What are 10 things that make you smile?

2 Comments on “Journal Prompt: 10 things that make me smile”

  1. ybonesy says:

    I’m glad you did this prompt in photos. They range from whimsical to poignant. And that shot of the moonlight on water—wow.

  2. Sharkbytes says:

    Hi- Great stuff! May I use your Buckeye Trail Photos on the NCT news blog? I’ll give you credit and a link back here of course. If you want to add a few lines of text about where they were that would be great too. Contact me jhy at

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