Passing it on

Amuirin posted this yesterday.  I thought I’d take a turn at passing it along.  It’s a good message.  You might want to follow up by reading what Amuirin had to say.  She put it so much better than I ever could.

Four years ago the people of Ohio, then a red state, passed a sweeping version of intolerance.  I don’t know what it is that people are so afraid of when it comes to gay marriage.  Perhaps if the intolerant people who vote for such bans spent more time living their own lives, paying attention to their own relationships, and treating others as they wish to be treated, they’d have less time and inclination for thinking about taking away the basic rights of others.

Then again, if they were that enlightened, they wouldn’t be voting for this kind of thing.

4 Comments on “Passing it on”

  1. Bo says:

    Hey, I put up the post after reading Amuirin’s too.

    BTW, how did you get the trackback from your blog to her comments. I have never been able to figure out how to do that!

  2. Robin says:

    Hi Bo. 🙂

    Doesn’t WordPress automatically do the trackback? If there’s something I’m doing to make it work, I don’t know what it is. LOL! It just automatically shows up after I link to a specific post.

  3. Hah! I did the same thing yesterday and linked to Amuirin! GMTA 🙂

  4. Robin says:

    I saw yours and Bo’s yesterday, TPG. I had mine ready to go yesterday, but left it until today so I could use up another NaBloPoMo day with something useful for a change. 🙂

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